Graphic Design & Illustration

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I love creative works, freehand lines, quirky characters and my favorite color is orange, but I adore all of them.
Contact me if you need a logo, brand identity, creative advertising, editorial or children's book illustrator.

ROOL - custom typography logo, created for sportswear company.
Not really fine pine cone is unimpressed. Pun cartoon character illustration.
Blah blah blah - custom typography design created to be sold on T-shirts and other merchandise.
Illustrative logo for non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people find information about freelancing.
Christmas design campaign created for interior gallery. Used as billboards, ads in magazines, web baners etc.
Hugo - children's book illustrated for a client.
Mindfull panda levitating. Cute character illustration created to be sold on T-shirts.
Map of Lithuania in flag colors. Patriotic design created to be sold on T-shirts.
Pronto - custom typography logo, created for code review automation tool.
Monster playing electric guitar. Funny cartoon illustration.
Ghost cat - craft beer logo.
Burg burger burgest - cartoon illustration that went viral. Created to be sold on T-shirts.
Funny anteater character illustration.
Hand drawn emblem created for motorcycle adventures of a guy.
Idea and visual representation of a limited edition cheese puffs, to be sold with a family game.
Friendly dragon - digital painting, 1st place winner of art competition of sci-fi conference Lituanicon.
Funny characters created for a personal project.
Logo created for a client: quirky cartoon face and custom typography text.
Energy drink semi trailer advertising.
Two funny cartoon monsters watching horror movie and eating creepy snacks.
Detailed illustration of Vilnius Cathedral Square, created for practice.
Detailed digital painting of a food delivery truck.
Camping monsters enjoying marshmallows and campfire.